Phantom Heritage

I have fond memories of sitting on Millbay beach, in Salcombe South Devon in the late 1980's.  My brother and I would sit and watch in awe as the Phantom and Ring boats would head out to sea, their low engine rumble reverberating across the sun dimpled sea.

I have always loved the lines of this style of boat, aligned with their wonderful sea handling. I have lusted after them, owned one and recently I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to buy the original mouldings and rights for the Phantom 16 and Phantom 18. My 10 year old self would be almost as excited as I am now!

The Phantom 16 was first conceived over 40 years ago by Steve Baker, an offshore powerboat racing enthusiasts from Sittingbourne, Kent.  Towards the end of 1969 he started to build a conventional deep-v hull for sale as a general purpose runabout boat, which he hoped to sell to offset some of the expenses incurred by offshore powerboat racing. And so the very first Phantom 16 was created.


He was so impressed by the handling and speed of the boat that he decided to enter the Phantom 16 in the Camden Trophy race at Poole on July 26th, 1970. The boat fared well, and in this boat Steve Baker went on the win the 1971 Class 3 Offshore Powerboat Championship. And so the racing pedigree of the Phantom 16 was born. However, the Phantom was not conceived as a race boat and was designed to be a family day boat. In the first year of production 28 Phantoms were sold, each selling for £550.00.

From the initial success of the Phantom 16 Steve Baker went on to design and produce other sizes of the Championship winning design, including the Phantom 18. 

Both the Phantom 16 and Phantom 18 have been beautifully updated and modernised. Phantom Sports Boats have maintained the original lay up and build specification of the boats; however we have unashamedly made a few changes to incorporate some modern developments in materials and building techniques. The results are a stronger, faster boat. Certain changes have also had to be made to comply with the current RCD regulations, ensuring the safety of the boats

The Phantom Sports Boats are built and rigged in the UK, and are not imported from far flung shores. This is something that we are proud of.

All Phantom Sports Boats are powered by the Evinrude E Tec 2 stroke range.

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